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30 October 2006 @ 01:21 pm
Final Fantasy VIII Ficathon Entry  
Title: An Almost Too Convenient Encounter, Even for Those Who Value Convenience

Pairing: Seifer/Squall

Rating: PG

For: Nikki [thebrightspark-at-gmail-dot-com]
(Didn't know her LJname)
~ she wanted Seifer/Squall or Squall/Seifer with any type, any rating.

Summary: Seifer and Squall meet in one of those cheesy, "oh, that would never happen!" instances.

Notes1: AU, slight Anti-Rinoaism, 674 words, and again I say: cheesy. :]

Notes2: Just as a pre-warning, I don't normally write Seifer/Squall. And it probably shows. However, I tried and tried and things were uber-hectic IRL. Not a good excuse, I know. But I hope you enjoy! ^^;

Whenever Seifer Almasy stepped into the small coffee shop at the end of Fifth Avenue, there was that trademark scent of expensive coffee that he knew so very well. The employees knew him well; he was quite the regular. He knew the other regulars, too. He knew the moody brunette with the clingy girlfriend. They always seemed to be sitting in the corner in a plush chair. The chair wasn’t made for two people, but Clingy Girlfriend made it work anyway.

She was fair-skinned and pale with large almond-colored eyes. She seemed nice enough, but Seifer wasn’t interested in her. Oddly enough, it didn’t seem like her boyfriend was either.

It was a Tuesday morning when Seifer went in for his usual morning coffee before work. He had a few minutes to spare so he grabbed a pastry with an exotic-sounding name and took a seat with the newspaper.

A few minutes into the Business section, Moody Brunette and Clingy Girlfriend came in.

Seifer watched as they ordered. He listened as they sat and as Clingy Girlfriend attempted to make small talk about the weather and how she couldn’t get Angelo to take a ‘poo’ because it was so muggy and ‘ucky’ outside.

He almost had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep himself from laughing aloud at that.

Moody Brunette seemed to not care about Angelo’s picky bowel movements and sipped slowly on his warm drink.

Seifer went back to the Business happenings in the newspaper, keeping a half-alert ear on the couple’s conversation. He wondered why the guy was with this raven-haired girl who seemed to do nothing but ramble on and annoy the crap out of him. Even more, he wondered why he was attracted to Moody Brunette. He was quiet and peaceful. In Seifer’s busy life, he needed peaceful more than anything.

Suddenly, Clingy Girlfriend stood from Moody Brunette’s lap and splashed her hot drink onto his white button shirt. “I cannot believe you’re doing this to me! Here! Of all places! Who breaks up with someone in a goddamned coffee shop?!” Her voice was trembling and defiant.

It almost seemed too convenient for her to storm out and leave Moody Brunette to blink at the brown stain on his once nicely-pressed shirt.

Seifer turned. “You alright?”

Moody Brunette nodded absently, still looking a bit lost.

“Guess she didn’t read the cup and its warning about ‘hot contents’.” Seifer grinned, trying to make joke. He failed. He stood and handed Moody Brunette his napkins.

The guy took them and offered a quiet ‘thank you.’

Seifer glanced at his watch. He was nearing tardiness, but God help him if he were to let this opportunity just walk on by. “Name’s Seifer.”

Moody Brunette looked up, his icy blue eyes telling of an unsuccessful attempt at hidden apathy. “Squall.”

Ah, Squall had such a better ring than Moody Brunette. Seifer considered telling Squall this but decided to wait until their first date. He caught himself being too cocky already. “So what happened just then?” he ventured.

There was an oh-so barely-there blush of pink in Squall’s cheeks. “Long story.”


“You watch us a lot, you should know,” Squall said. It was neither accusing or angry, just there.

Seifer didn’t falter and didn’t let himself be made into a fool. “Maybe. Must’ve missed something there towards the end, though.”

“Perhaps.” Squall looked thoughtful. “You’ve got work.”

“Yeah.” It was here that Seifer felt himself awkward and aloof. Maybe it was wrong of him to stay instead of letting this opportunity to talk to Moody Brunette waltz by. Then it hit him. “You’ve been watching me, too.” Not a question; just a plain, out-in-the-open statement.

Squall shrugged. “Maybe.”

They found out later that they both hated the “maybes” and “perhapses” and the flittering around instead of just coming out and saying, “I like you; do you like me?” like first graders. But right then in the coffee shop with the over-priced coffee and the almost-snoody employees, the uncertainties almost seemed right.
Lassarinalassarina on October 31st, 2006 12:27 am (UTC)
Heee. Adorable. :)
㊷ » Curry: Hikaru... - hales731daluci on October 31st, 2006 05:39 am (UTC)
♥ Lovely. I especially like the "Clingy Girlfriend" handle -- although I agree with Seifer, Squall sounds much better than Moody Brunette.