Final Fantasy 100

Final Fantasy Drabbles
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A weekly drabble (that's 100 words exactly) challenge for stories set in the various Final Fantasy universes, inspired by drabble community open_on_sunday.


1. Every Sunday a challenge is posted. You have until the following Sunday, 12 AM Eastern Standard time, to reply in a new post with a story.

2. You MUST be a member to post.

3. Each story must be exactly 100 words.

4. There is no limit on how many drabbles you can post in response to each challenge.

5. If a story is R or above label it clearly and use a cut-tag.

6. You can suggest any challenges for coming weeks in the current week's challenge post or the closing message.

7. No flaming, trolling, anti-racial/orientation/religous, hateful posts.

Rules can change at any time.

Use any of these banners to link back to the finalfantasy100, or create your own. If you do create your own banners or buttons, please email them to maggie.zielinski@gmail.com so I can post them here, completely credited to you.

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